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EU needs an army

It is unlikely that the Russian Federation will invade the EU’s Baltic states since such an invasion would lead to WW3. Russian invasion is unlikely to happen to the EU since the EU is also Russia’s largest economic partner. Invading the EU would mean economic suicide for Russia. Since the very concept of Russia invading the EU is being taken seriously by experts and European authorities it now proves that the EU needs a strong united army to defend its borders and citizens. If the EU can outperform the Russian horticultural, agricultural and wine industries why can’t the EU defend itself with or without its American allies? Problem with the EU is that it is not united like the USA. EU is too fragmented and bureaucratic to make decisions that have impacts on everyone on this planet. When one day Russia really does try to grab land from the EU the EU will be too busy arguing about the shapes of fruit to organize a proper response to any threat to its citizens. Europe should focus more on unification of its member states when it comes to common defense than creating bureaucratic problems that cause decisions not to be made and put into action. Many Europeans not just the British would object to a shared common policy but as NATO becomes less effective in the years to come a common EU army only becomes more necessary for the security of Europe. Nobody who grows crops wants a world war. War destroys not only the crops themselves but also the people who grow the crops. A war would destroy vineyards, farms, homes, people and the economic trade. It is so much more necessary for all of Europe and Russia to work together economically and politically to solve Eastern Europe’s problems. Ukraine that is currently neither Russian nor European should work with both the EU and Russia to solve its problems. Politics should not damage crop production that feeds the world economy.

Flowering crocus


After a mild winter that saw little snow the crocuses have been blooming while the grapevines, shrubs and trees slowly wake up to spring. Luckily there now has been some rain which is good for crocuses and other plants that are now active. With the spring weather more plants that are still dormant will become active now that it is the new growing season. Crocuses being the first to flower are always delightful in Poland especially in the mountains. This year the crocuses have been flowering in the absence of snow. Usually the crocuses can be seen flowering when the snow is still on the soil. Most people even gardeners don’t even notice how active crocuses can be. In the morning the crocuses petals open when the sunlight reaches them so that insects can pollinate their flowers. During the night the petals close. This is because crocuses are nyctinastic plants. Luckily the insects in Poland have become active now that the bees having already been visiting the crocuses. Even without bees the crocuses spread via the very people that plant them as corms in their gardens.

Secession a democratic right

Scotland wants to leave the UK, Catalonia wants to leave Spain, UK wants to leave the EU, Texas wants to leave the USA and the Cape should want to leave South Africa. Now Crimea will leave Ukraine with the help of Russia. No matter what one feels about secession it is the democratic right of a people to leave a nation or Union even when leaving is economically damaging to the people leaving that nation or Union. Even the USA that fought against secession in the American Civil War was born from the American revolution that lead to secession from the UK. In case of Crimea a major wine region of the world secession from Ukraine will not mean the end of the wine industry there. Vineyards and wineries will remain as they were before the Ukrainian crisis. It is extremely unlikely that the Russians will not embrace the viticultural opportunities in the region that they too have historical connection to. In fact the wine industry could even benefit since the Russians will invest into the region. Russia needs to prove to the world that Crimea made the right decision to join the Russian Federation. Sadly the wine from Crimea will probably never be European but since everyone seems to be buying wine from Crimea in the shops I doubt that Crimean wine is going to be boycotted for Crimea’s secession from Ukraine. It is rather scary how a wine that was made in Crimea and labelled as a product of Ukraine is no longer associated with Ukraine even when the EU and Ukraine do not recognize the secession of Crimea. Planet Earth’s borders have always been changing. There’s nothing really new to the Ukrainian crisis when one looks at how the borders of Europe have changed in the past. Fortunately for those who want Ukraine to join the EU it would be crazy not to allow Ukraine to join the Union. When Ukraine does inevitably join the Union its other wine regions will too.

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